BIOSKOH – project HORIZON 2020/FLAGSHIP (Research and Innovation programme)

title: BIOSKOH’s Innovation Stepping Stones for a novel European Second Generation BioEconomy,   acronym – BIOSKOH

project ID: 709557

financial amount for NPPC VUA: 659 375 EUR

duration: 06/2016 - 05/2022

co-ordinator  for NPPC VUA Michalovce :  Ing. Štefan Tóth, PhD.

BIOSKOH has 11 project partners from across 7 different EU member states. Partners represent the full value chain, such as land owners, feedstock producers, supply chain experts, agronomical researchers, plant constructors and operators. The group represents the entire bioethanol value chain.

HEPTA, capital, Switzerland

Energochemica, Slovakia

Novozymes, Denmark

Lesaffre, France

Imperial College London, United Kindom

Innventia, Sweden

Farma Oborin, Slovakia

National Agricultural and Food Centre, Slovakia

PNO Innovation, Belgium

Sustainability Consult, Belgium

Agriconsulting, Italy


The project has 8 work packages (WP). Based on the author's approach, VUA Michalovce  is participating in solving tasks associated especially with the 2 and 6 WP ,within:

WP2 -the main focus is  on technological trials technological trials with new crops that provide raw materials suitable for second generation technologies and are located in marginal and mutually contrasting soil-climate conditions, the solution is in close cooperation with selected subjects of agricultural production

WP6- solving technical-economic pilot procedures for the system of comprehensive product valorisation and testing of the efficiency of secondary products is  primary.