Brief history and actual orientation of ARI

History of the Agroecology Research Institute (ARI) in Michalovce has been started at july 1st 1965, when the creation Complex agricultural research Station as official predecessor of the actual institute. The ARI is located in Michalovce and specialises in the problems of agricultural utilisation and reclamation of land in Východoslovenská nížina (the East-Slovakian Lowlands). The Institute is involved in research and also in dissemination of novel scientific and technological information about farming systems and crop growing technologies on land from the viewpoints of economy, energy and ecology. The Institute fulfils social functions in advancements of agricultural scientific knowledge and education, in formation and conservation of the environment, in human health and nutrition. An information system is built and other activities are performed within the complex of agricultural sector. Agricultural extension service is provided and projects are designed specialising in the growing techniques for field crops, special and medicinal plants as well as in the utilisation and reclamation of available agricultural land.The ARI is divided into the following department: Director´s section (comprises ARI director, director's secretary, administration and economic department and library), Production Ecology Project Section, Agrochemistry Project Section and the Experimental Station at Milhostov. The Director´s section provides performance of the tasks fall within one's cognizance director institute.