Agrochemistry Project Section

The Agrochemistry Project Section provides, in terms of analytical activity in research tasks solutions and special activities of the ARI in Michalovce, physical and agrochemical soil analysis, analysis of plant materials, analysis of qualitative parameters of agricultural crops and analysis of hazardous substances in soil and plant material with the aim of prevention their input to the food chains.

Research activities of project section are directed at problems solution relating to plant nutrition and fertilization, assessment of soil fertility and nutrient balance, technological and hygienic production quality, qualitative-quantitative determination of dominant components of selected medicinal plants and problems solution connected with selection of ecological pesticide preparations. Realization of obtained results for agricultural practice ensures through preparation of conceptual and prognostic materials, publications, conferences and consulting activities. In terms of consulting project section provides services for other organization and business subjects - agrochemical analysis of soil and plant materials concerning the nutrition and fertilization optimalization of field crops, analysis of agricultural crops, bulk forage crops and fodder mixtures and analysis of commercial and organic fertilizers.