Research Station at Borovce

Research Station (RS) at Borovce was formed by transformation of The Research and Breeding Station (RBS) Borovce in May 1st, 2002 which was formed by merging the Breeding Station (BS) Špačince (Trnava district, established in 1984) and a specific production unit of RIPP in Borovce (Piešťany district) in 1997. The main objective of RS, which is situated 10 km from Piešťany is to solve research tasks in accordance with the requests of researchers (RS serves as an experimental basis of RIPP Piešťany, where on its soil fund the main part of experiments is situated). At this time at RS maintenance breeding of lucerne and buckwheat are performed. At the same time the Research Station also realises preliminary tests and tests of new perspective biological material bred in Slovak republic and abroad, multiplication selected crops, various company tests of pesticides in cereals, winter rape and maize and tests of geneticly modificated maize hybrids and sugar beet varieties. RS has certificate „Good Experimental Practice (GEP)“ for testing of plant protection preparations (herbicides), defoliants and dessicants. During the existence of this RS and/or the RBS or BS Špačince the following varieties were bred and released at the Research Station: red clover variety Javorina (1984), lucerne varieties Lucia (1990), Vali (1995), Vanda (1995), Syntéza 1 (2000) and Lubona (2006) and buckwheat variety Špačinská 1 (1998).

Soil and climatic conditions in Borovce: Soil type - loamy luvic chernozem; mean annual temperature 9.2 oC (for growing season 15,5 oC); mean annual precipitation 593 mm (of which 358 mm for growing season); elevation 160 - 180 m; transitive maize-sugar beet growing region.