Crop cultivars developed at the Research and Breeding Stations of RIPP Piešťany and currently registered in the foreign countries



From above mentioned varieties are simultaneously in the foreign countries registered these varieties (total 12 varieties from 6 crops in 6 countries): common oatZvolen (at Austria, registered in 1997; Great Britain, 1997 and Croatia, 2004); poppyGerlach (Czech republic, 1990 and Denmark, 1993),  Opál (Czech republic, 1995), Maratón (Czech republic, 2014) and Bergam (Czech republic, 2014); lucerneLucia (Czech republic, 1990) and Vanda (Czech republic, 1995 and Switzerland, 2001); red cloverViglana (Czech republic, 1992), Sigord (Czech republic, 1992 and Switzerland, 1997) and Margot (Czech republic, 1996); bird´s-foot trefoil Polom (Czech republic, 1991 and Switzerland, 1998) and buckwheat Špačinská 1 (Czech republic, 2002).