Research and Breeding Station at Malý Šariš

The Research and Breeding Station (RBS) at Malý Šariš (Prešov district) was established in 1953. The research, new-breeding of winter wheat, triticale and poppy and maintenance breeding of red clover, winter wheat, triticale and poppy are the main contents of its activity. At the same time the station also realises preliminary tests of new perspective biological material bred in Slovak republic and abroad, various company and registration tests of pesticides and advisory in cultivation and variety agrotechnology of winter wheat, poppy and red clover. RBS has certificate „Good Experimental Practice (GEP)“ for testing of plant protection preparations (fungicides, zoocides, seed desinfectants) and growth regulators.

In the course of its existence, the following varieties were bred and registered at this Station: spring vetch Torysa (1961), winter wheats Torysa (1992), Malvína (1998), Malyska (2001), Markola (2005), Madejka (2011), Stelarka 2013), Vladarka (2013), MS Luneta (2014) and MS Januska (2016), MS Arlis (2017), MS Maidis (2017)  MS Julieta (2019), MS Pohoda (2020), MS Sympatie (2020) winter triticale Mareto (2014), red clovers Branisko (1980), Sigord (1992), Margot (1996), Manuela (1996), Magura (2002), Marieta (2006) and Mazurka (2009) and poppy varieties Dubník (1985), Gerlach (1990), Albín (1991), Magik (1993), Opál (1995), Bergam (1998), Maratón (2000), Major (2002) and Malsar (2002), MS Harlekyn (2018), MS Diamant (2019), MS Zafir (2019) a MS Topas (2019).

Soil and climatic conditions at the Station: Soil type - illimerized brown soil; mean annual temperature 8,06 oC; mean annual precipitation 623,7 mm; elevation 310 m; potato growing region.