Individual of each participant


Personal Insurance

Please consider that the registration fee does not include any insurance and participants should make their own travel and medical insurances, as the organizers will not take any responsibility.


Banks and currency

All banks in Slovak Republic exchange foreign currency and traveller’s cheques (Thomas Cook, American Express and Visa traveller’s). Banks are open from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 17.00 hours. The currency is EURO (€). Most hotels, restaurants and shops accept credit cards.


Telephone: Direct international telephone connection is possible with numerous countries in the world. IDD is possible. Calls in Slovakia – SR country code: +421 and the area code of the given city/region (e.g. Piešťany is 33).


Calls abroad – use code: 00 + the appropriate country code + local area code + telephone/fax number.


Important telephone numbers:

SOS, emergency calls                                       112

Police                                                               158, 112

Ambulance/Rescue                                           155, 112

Fire/Rescue                                                      150, 112

Road service (ASA Slovakia)                             18 124

Directory assistance for Slovak numbers           1181

Directory assistance for foreign numbers          12149