The Town

The world-renowned spa town of Piešťany is situated in the western part of the Slovak Republic (just 80km from Bratislava), within the Trnava region, in a valley near the lower stream of the longest Slovak river - the Váh. It is situated in the area of 4 420 ha, below the western slopes of Považský Inovec at a height of 162 m above sea level. One of the Piešťany most appealing features is its easy accessibility by car, rail and air. Piešťany is situated directly on one of two main East-West rail links connecting Bratislava to Košice and as well as sitting next to the D1 motorway Bratislava, Žilina.

Today, Piešťany prides itself on its many publicly protected wildlife and fauna reserves. The Sĺňava area was proclaimed a natural reservation in 1980. It is situated in the cadastral area of Piešťany in direct contact with the Váh river. The water reservoir is a significant migrating locality for waterfowl and due to the construction of an artificial island; it provides suitable conditions for nesting. The Sĺňava Reserve also serves as an important sanctuary for many types of birds during the winter.

The place of conference

Park Hotel*** has a rather attractive location. It is situated in a pleasant and quiet setting of the town park, next to the branch of the Váh river and the less than 500 m from the pedestrian zone and Spa Island.


Maps of City Piešťany and scheme of routes by car and by foot for participants Download travel: